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Can’t Lose Weight? It Might Be Your Metabolism

If you’ve tried everything, this could be the key to unlocking real fat loss results.

By Alex C. June 02, 2021

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Losing weight is hard, but sometimes it feels virtually impossible. Millions of people try - and fail - to shed those extra pounds every year. But why does this happen?

The truth is that getting into shape and losing weight comes down to doing three things consistently:

  1. eating properly
  2. exercising regularly
  3. achieving a daily caloric deficit

Most people do one or two of these critically important things, but rarely all three. They think that because they work out occasionally and/or eat relatively healthy, the results they want are guaranteed. Unfortunately, we know this isn’t how it works.

In fact, #3 might be the most important part of any weight loss journey. When you create a caloric deficit you are essentially ‘spending’ more calories than you’re taking in - this deficit is what allows your body to actually shed mass over time. It makes sense if you think about it: less calories = less weight.

The Role of Metabolism

So what does metabolism have to do with this? If we know that having less calories around is better, then metabolism is a useful measure to look at how we are getting rid of those unwanted, excess calories (to create a deficit).

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is a measure of how many calories your body burns when it’s at rest. The idea is that having a faster metabolic rate, leads to an increased rate of burning calories, which helps create a caloric deficit leading got it - actual weight loss.

We know that having a 500 calorie deficit is ideal for any effective weight loss program, but burning that many calories is a lot of work. To actively burn 500 calories you would have to hit a punching bag for 70 minutes, or do an hour long intense aerobics class, or spend 75 minutes weight lifting. You could also lose 500 calories by not eating them throughout the day, but that’s a whole other problem to tackle...


Vince Sant from Sculpt Nation developed his special product, Burn Evolved, to address these exact problems. As a world renown trainer he saw that some of his clients just couldn't get (and keep) the weight off despite their best efforts.

Vince saw an opportunity to develop a supplement that would help people curb their food (calorie!) cravings and boost their metabolism at the same time, effectively turning their body into a "fat-burning furnace" virtually all day. Burn Evolved combines some of the most well known weight loss ingredients with thermogenic compounds. These compounds are specially formulated to increase your metabolic rate so you can burn more calories.

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals and effort. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. The testimonials featured may have used more than one Sculpt Nation product or extended one or more 12 week V Shred diet and exercise programs to achieve their maximum results.

A Fat-Burning Breakthrough? Or Pure Hype?

If you’re rolling your eyes at news of yet another fat-burning breakthrough, you’re not alone.

Supplement stores already have a dazzling array of fat burners. Fat burners like garcinia cambogia, green tea extract, and protein powder. And fat burners that promise massive weight loss. But could even result in rebound weight soon after.

Well, the good news is that scientists now better understand how the body’s fat-burning mode works. And this has led to Vince’s new weight-loss method.

It’s a method that doesn’t just burn a few calories and stop. But helps turn up your body’s ‘Fat Burning Thermostat’. So you can burn stubborn fat virtually around the clock.

Activating Your Body’s ‘Fat Burning Thermostat’

What’s the body’s ‘Fat Burning Thermostat’, you may ask?

The body’s ‘Fat Burning Thermostat’ is a process called ‘thermogenesis’.2

Thermogenesis controls how your body turns fat into heat and energy. It does this, for example, through pockets of ‘brown adipose tissue’, or BAT for short.3

These BAT pockets draw in fat from your cells to be burnt as fuel. Like how garbage vans collect trash to be incinerated.

Because while most of our body fat is white, unhealthy, and cold, BAT is blazing HOT.

In fact, on scans your BAT shows up as red ‘hot’ patches. And activating ‘hot’ BAT holds of the keys to sending your body’s "fat-melting" power into overdrive.

Why Heating UP BAT Holds the Key to Steady Weight Loss

When we’re kids, our bodies are packed with pockets of BAT. It helps explain why we were such bouncing balls of energy.

But as we get older, our pockets of BAT shrink.

Our BAT stores can become sluggish and weak. And limit burning fat like they’re supposed to.

So that by age 40, your BAT furnaces may have gone cold.

This explains why we pack on fat in all the worst places in middle age. And why we may even get rounder without any changes to our diet or exercise routine.

So what can you do about it?

How can you "reheat" your BAT back to peak fat incinerating power?

For decades, scientists struggled to find the answer.

They thought only children and lucky skinny people could maintain healthy stores of BAT.

But that’s now changed thanks to a recent discovery by a team of scientists at a leading research University in Denmark.4

Danish Scientists Discover How to Reignite BAT

The Danish scientists wanted to know how BAT stores could be activated to work at their peak. And they made the stunning discovery that BAT can be ”activated through the stimulation” of the right “receptors”.

Think of these ‘receptors’ as like dials on a gas fire.

Because when these receptors are activated, the heat in your BAT gets turned up. Your BAT can then change from cold tissue to a raging "fat-melting" inferno.

So how can these ‘receptors’ be activated?

The good news is it doesn’t have to involve sweating buckets doing more HIIT. Don't get me wrong though - diet and exercise are still the key to fat loss.

Instead, all it can take is adding five key thermogenic ingredients to your diet. One of which is cayenne pepper.

The "Fat-Melting Hot Spice" In Your Kitchen Cupboard

Cayenne pepper has been a popular slimming aid for a long time. But until recently, nobody knew why it was so potent.

Well, a team of scientists at a research University in Northern Japan, solved the puzzle.

They found that cayenne pepper contains a compound that "turns up" the BAT’s fat-burning power5. A compound called ‘capsaicin’. And a compound that also gives cayenne pepper its spicy kick.

Capsaicin’s ability to “turn up” BAT is now backed by a growing weight of studies.

This includes a huge review of 20 studies by Dutch scientists at a research University in the Netherlands6. They discovered that just a tiny amount of capsaicin can activate BAT and help burn more fat every meal when participants are in a caloric deficit.

But before you rush off to sprinkle cayenne pepper on your pizza, there’s a catch.

To get enough capsaicin into your diet, you’d need to eat cayenne peppers by the bowlful. This would make you sick, pretty darn fast!

The good news is there’s no need to chop up a single pepper to gain a daily dose of capsaicin. As Vince’s method combines it with four more ingredients to give you a thermogenic boost in seconds.

Yohimbine HCI

Yohimb commonly comes from the bark of the African Yohimbe tree. This form, yohimbine, has been found to help support the key fat-burning hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline. And these hormones help your BAT stores to incinerate fat at their peak.7

Grains of Paradise Seed Extract

Grains of Paradise seed is actually a spice, rather than a grain. A 2013 study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, found that paradise seed extract helps the body make more BAT within four weeks8. Having more BAT in their bodies was found to boost people’s energy levels too.


Ever wondered why caffeine gives you an energy boost? A team of Australian scientists recently found the answer. They found that caffeine sends the body’s BAT stores into overdrive. In fact, scientists found that caffeine helps accelerate BAT energy consumption.9

EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate)

Epigallocatechin, or EGCG for short, is a green tea extract. And EGCG is believed to play a key role in supporting fat oxidation.10 In other words, EGCG helps your BAT stores draw fat from your cells. This means more stored fat can be incinerated as fuel.

Give Your BAT Stores a Triple Action Thermogenic Effect

On their own, each of these ingredients can help support thermogenesis at its peak. But when you eat all five at once, they’re even more powerful. Because they provide a ‘triple action thermogenic effect’. And take your fat-burning power to the next level:

BAT stores become blazing hot

When you add all five thermogenic ingredients to your diet, your body has support to create more BAT. You can then start losing more weight all over your body.

Your metabolic rate starts soaring

To burn fat fast you need to speed up your metabolic rate. This is exactly what all five thermogenic ingredients help you do. And they don’t just burn a few calories and stop. But help crank up your BAT "fat-melting" power virtually around the clock.

Fat gets ripped from your cells and used as fuel

When combined, all five thermogenic ingredients can help "rip fat" from your cells. But rather than left floating unused in your bloodstream, this fat gets turned into natural energy for powering through the day.

So you see, with this ‘triple-action thermogenic effect’ you can slim down faster than you may have thought possible.

This means, add support to help you slip into your favorite figure-hugging jeans, slim dress, or tight polo shirt. And feel confident about how you look.

Well, if the idea of slimming down in time for summer sounds good...

Here’s why it’s now possible to get a daily dose of all five thermogenic optimizers at the same time... and in as little as 10 seconds each morning...

A Thermogenic Breakthrough By The World’s Fastest Growing Health Brand

Heard of Sculpt Nation?

They’re the world’s fastest-growing health brand. Their workout programs and supplements have helped over 2.5 million people get in shape.

Sculpt Nation’s co-founder, Vince Sant, has also been featured in NBC, Chicago Tribune, Elite Daily, and more for his expert nutrition advice.

Following the recent breakthroughs in thermogenic science...

Vince and his team decided to create the world’s ultimate thermogenic support supplement.

A supplement that doesn’t burn a few calories and stop. But sends the body’s BAT stores into overdrive virtually around the clock when combined with diet and exercise.

BURN EVOLVED - The World’s First ‘Thermogenic Agent Matrix’ Formula

BURN EVOLVED is a next-generation thermogenic supplement. It goes beyond simple calorie-burning to take the "fat-melting" power of BAT to a whole new level.

What makes it so special is its ‘Thermogenic Agent Matrix’. Which is a unique blend of all five thermogenic boosters in a single capsule. And a capsule that powers your body with the fat melting ‘triple-action thermogenic effect’.

All you need to do is take BURN EVOLVED each morning with a cool glass of water. And in combination with a balanced diet and sensible exercise, BURN EVOLVED cranks up your BAT’s fat-burning power. So you can torch fat all over your body. And slim down in a matter of weeks.

BURN EVOLVED contains zero fillers, zero sugar, and zero fluff. But instead, only ingredients sourced from the purest, most potent sources available. It’s also jitter-free. And its formula tested for quality and purity in a third-party lab.

Over 1 Million People Have Gained Transformational Results

Since its launch, over one million people have shed pounds of fat thanks to BURN EVOLVED. They’ve also helped curb their pesky cravings and gained flowing energy at the same time.

Vince and his team at Sculpt Nation are confident anybody can lose significant weight with BURN EVOLVED. So they’ve put their own money on the line by offering a lifetime 100% money-back guarantee with every bottle.

What this means is that if BURN EVOLVED doesn’t help you achieve your dream weight... or you change your mind and want your money back... simply return the bottles for a full refund. No questions asked.

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals and effort. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition. The testimonials featured may have used more than one Sculpt Nation product or extended one or more 12 week V Shred diet and exercise programs to achieve their maximum results.

Limited Time 51% ‘Slim Down For Summer’ Discount

For a limited time, Sculpt Nation is offering a ‘Slim Down for Summer’ 51% discount. This enables you to save up to $200 on the retail price.

But if you want to take advantage, you need to move fast.

Because Sculpt Nation doesn’t know how long they’re offering such a generous discount. And with millions of people eager to lose lockdown weight, supplies may run out fast.

So to secure your ‘Slim Down for Summer’ discount, visit the Sculpt Nation website right now.

I Tried BURN EVOLVED and Here’s What Happened

I’ve struggled with stubborn fat for years.

Fat that hung over my jeans. Fat that gave me an embarrassing trucker belly look. And fat that stopped me wearing short skirts in summer, even on the hottest days.

Over the years, I’ve tried keto, paleo, South Beach... you name it.

I’ve also tried all sorts of fat-burning supplements. But none helped me lose more than a few pounds. And the weight soon came rushing back.

So I doubted BURN EVOLVED would be any different.

But based on the science on how it heats up the body’s BAT stores... and its special combo of five thermogenic ingredients... I thought what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

So I ordered BURN EVOLVED online. It arrived quickly. And I was impressed by the packaging, which I hoped was a good sign.

Did it work?

Well, nothing magical happened overnight.

Or even for a few days.

I didn’t feel any jitters, a burning sensation, or anything.

I was getting ready to write it off as another gimmicky fat burner.

But then after a couple of weeks, I felt it kick into action.

It started with a bigger skip in my step. Feeling a little more energized than usual during my workouts.

My cravings for Oreos seemed to fade too.

Then I started to notice my clothes felt looser. My jeans not quite as tight.

Until the day arrived when I gave in to my curiosity.

I said a quiet prayer...

Hopped on the scales...

And felt a thrill run down my spine to see my weight had dropped!

But without even more drastic changes to my low-calorie diet or exercise routine.

Just from taking BURN EVOLVED each morning!

Then as the weeks passed, the weight just kept dropping off.

Until I could finally fit into my figure-hugging jeans again!

My husband LOOOVES my slim new body too.

He even took me shopping to buy a new summer wardrobe to celebrate.

My work colleagues have also said how slimmer and more energetic I’ve become.

They thought I must be on some wacky fasting diet. Or spending hours on a treadmill.

But when I let them in on my secret, they all looked at me in shock.

Before I think a few of them rushed off to get a bottle for themselves.

So in summary...

I had serious doubts BURN EVOLVED would help me lose a single pound.

But after trying it for a few weeks, I can vouch that BURN EVOLVED really does work!

There’s Still Time to Slim Down for Summer - If You Start NOW!

The science is clear.

Miserable crash diets and extreme workouts aren’t the best paths to sustainable weight loss.

Because as longas your BAT is running cold, you’re going to struggleto burn more than a few pounds. And there’s nothing calorie-burning supplements can do to help.

This is what makes BURN EVOLVED special.

Because BURN EVOLVED is formulated based on the latest BAT science.

BURN EVOLVED can help you to turn up the heat in your BAT stores. So your body starts incinerating fat all over your body. While fueling you with energy, and support to curb cravings for treats.

Over one million people have had transformational results with BURN EVOLVED, and counting. And with a 60-day money-back guarantee, there’s zero risks in giving it a try.

So if you yearn for added support to help leave the frustration of failed weight-loss attempts behind… if you want to finally gain a slim body that gives you confidence... and lose stubborn pounds...

BURN EVOLVED may be the breakthrough you’re looking for.

In fact, with BURN EVOLVED melting fat virtually around the clock, the only thing you’ll be stressing about is what to wear to show off your slimmer body at the beach!

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